Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Where’s the humanity?

I first want to share one recent incident.. there was new coming up in TV about a suicide of a man in some different town… that was the first time I heard the name of that town. Me and my grandma was watching that news..and when I looked to my grandma..her eyes were literally filled with tears. I asked her that is there any problem why are you disturb..she said “that man has committed suicide now what will be the situation of his wife and those little two daughter of him.. how they will live”

I couldn’t reply back promptly and then after a moment I said “God will bless them” and I turned off the TV and went out. That night when I went to sleep.. I was about thinking only one thing..why? why my grandma even  not knowing about the family even that town.. felt so bad about that news and why that news didn’t make any effect on me?.. is it like I am a heartless person…? Is it like I have no feelings…!!

I started one analysis on “what are the responses of other young and old generation?” for such news.

After a few days of face to face interview with around 30 other young boys and girls and around 15 old age people.

 I can say almost all the young people I met they had only the same response “I am sorry but  It happens man..don’t take it to your heart”.. “The Government is responsible..”.. and few of them said “will post on my facebook page.. give me the link”..
On the other side most of the old age people I met responded “why the people commit suicide.. they should fight back”… “Son, do pray for the person and the family he left back”… And I tell you almost all of them had their eyes watered.

This is not the country level research or any big analysis report but still I came at the conclusion that.. Today’s young generation know that It wad bad.. but they don’t feel bad… they know this shouldn’t have happened but if it’s happened it doesn’t effect them much…
I don’t want that they immediately start campaigning for the social issues but I was thinking we should at least feel that.. because unless and until we will feel it from our heart that it’s wrong..its’ bad we will ignore it ever.

Now,  my another concern was that how it happens.. that one generation and other feeling differently for the same news..the same thing.. both are responding completely differently.. why? What happened?
I was wondering for the same thing and I had no answers, after a few days.. I talked with my grand parents about the whole thing and they had one answer for me.

They said the reason the young generation is such like that is “Television , Media and Movies”
I was thinking like is it true or they are just saying it because in their generation there were no TV and we had this big 3D TV sets and so many channels and Ultra high-tech movies.

Then they replied back again… with a short story about Mahatma Gandhiji
“Do you know mayur? When Gandhi was a young boy he was also naughty and he often speak lie to his father and family… He was many time punished also.. once there was a drama show… that was the drama on the life of Raja Harishchandra.. I hope you remember the name… the king who lived with support of Truth in his life.. the king who sacrifices everything for truth…”. .. I said “Yes, pa I know..”.. they continue “so.. after watching that drama… The Young Gandhi has decided that now onwards in his life he will only speak truth and he will never lie”

As soon as the story ends I eagerly asked “So what? How it’s related..”
They again replied back to me with smile “Tell me my son.. when a boy Gandhi.. after watching a small drama become Mahatama Gandhi … What the great effects this TV Shows and Movies would have on today’s generation.. Each show showing violence..  suicides.. rapes.. sexual and mental harassments.. most of the all movies are showing such things to you… now you have became habituate to see all those things.. You all have now feelings that… Its common.. accidents happens..after playing you racing car video games.. You feel like it happes when you watch any crime news.. as you daily watch it over TV shows and in movies …”

I am completely agree with their response, I really think that they are completely right in each and every word they told me.

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