Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Lucky Coin

This is a short story I heard from my mother.. She is an excellent story teller..

So, Lets start the story.. because If I will start to praise my mother… than I don’t know how many blogs I would write.. seriously

This is a story about a boy.. who was all alone in this world. The boy was very unlucky as he lost his parents in very early stage of life…there was no one whom he can consider as his dear ones.

The boy at the age of around 5-6 was walking on street without any guardian, his life was so poor.

While walking alone on the road, one good person show him.. he took the boy with him. That person was a professor in that city’s college and was a real gentleman. He started taking care the boy as his own son. He helped boy grow up and give him the best education he can.

On the other side, the boy was so pleased.. he had found the way to live the life.. he was so thankful to God that God has sent that man in a way across to his life. He always followed all the instructions from the Professor.. He also consider the professor as his father and have a great respect for him in his heart.

The boy was so hardworking as much as the professor was so kind. The boy do all kind of house hold work he can do to help the professor. The boy was intelligent too in his studies. He completed his schooling and than the bachelor degree as well.

Now, the day came..when the professor and the boy was sitting along on a bench in the garden. Professor talked to the boy “Listen buddy, I had not enough money but still I tried to take care of you as much I can.. Now you are a graduate.. I wish that you go out in the world on your own basis and do something in your life for yourself”

The boy was quite shocked listening to this he was thinking that now he might need to leave this great man.. He will miss his caring nature..

But even though he was sad he said “Ok.. professor.. as you wish.. If you wish I should do that.. I will”

The professor smiled at him, both got up and went to the house and that night they had last dinner together.

Next morning, Professor came to the boy and said “I have no any big saving that I can give.. but here is the Gold coin I had from my father.. I would like to give this to you as it’s always been my lucky charm.. I wish this will be yours lucky charm too.. and do come back to see me when you feel you have achieved enough in your life..!”

The boy took the coin and get leave from the house with words “I will achieve the dream you see for me.!!”

The boy went to another city… and started looking for any job any business he can do there. He applied many places but unfortunately he didn’t get any opportunity instantly.

As he had no any house and no money to stay in hotel.. he sleep on footpath.. without any food..

This happened for quite a few days.. every night he got to sleep…with the memory of his professor.. with the dream to achieve and looking at the lucky charm..the golden coin he received from the professor.

But, The God was testing him.. he didn’t got any job.. and he had no enough money to start a business on his own.. and now because of fast from last few days.. he became so weak..he was literally broken from inside.. he started thinking life he wont be able to do anything..he want be able to achieve his dream.. he was feeling like he lost everything..

He was so depressed that he was about to commit suicide.. he was walking towards the river bridge.. but in the way…he found one jewelry shop.. He got idea once to sale that lucky Golden coin..

But because of the love and respect he had for his professor he was in big trouble to decide to sale or not to sale the coin… and finally he decided to sale the coin.

He got a few money from the coin.. and he was too hungry.. he went to a food shop.. ordered, bought and got the food.. he ate it all like he never seen any food before.. after eating when he was thinking “now what?” and about to start walking away.. His mind strikes and got an idea to start the food shop..

From the rest of money he left with.. he started a small food shop on the corner of the footpath.. and with the whole hard work and God’s grace.. his business ran well.. he succeeded with the idea and soon he built a nice restaurant in the city.

He then went to see his professor and told about his journey and very sadly he confessed that he had to sale his lucky charm in the process.

The professor smiled at him and said “It was a Golden coin… there in my drawer for so many years..  you proved it that that was not just a coin.. it was indeed a lucky charm..I am proud of you”

He continues “Thanks for taking right decision.. when you were going to commit suicide.. you decided to sale that coin.. if you wouldn’t have sold it.. you were about to die and there will be no story.. but now I have a great story to inspire everyone I meet.. Thank you so much”


  1. Thanks for the Great Inspiration..! Never leave the hope..fight till the last breath inside.!

  2. Hey Mayur, Awesome Lines, Keep It up....... :)