Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Journey of the Bus

I often travel by the bus. Today I was thinking that what the benefits I had by travelling using bus else then reaching back to my home after work.

I found many more things that a bus travelling has taught me, may be you will also get agree with me.. once you read this.

When I get on the bus, I need to buy a ticket for the place I want to go.. In life also when you have a dream to achieve.. a place to reach in your life.. you will need to pay for it.. nothing comes for free.. to achieve the goal some need to do hard work and some need to do a lot of hard work..as no one is allowed to travel without ticket … no one will get success without hard work… yeh sometime it may happen that.. you buy ticket, take a seat.. go to sleep and get off the bus when bus reached to your station.. but you can’t use as argument against…sincerely.

After that, I need to look around for the free seats and if there’s any available I need to adjust there.. the same way in life anywhere in life… you need to look for the opportunities and resources you have.. as per them you will need to adjust your self and by making best use of them you will need to carry on.. as you can’t take a seat from home or you can’t always have the window seat.. you can’t have opportunities and resources you demand.. you will have to use what you got.

Sometimes it may happen that you don’t get any free seat.. then you may have to stand up.. but if you keep looking around when the next or another next station come.. there will be some free seats.. the same way.. in life also.. if you don’t have enough resource and opportunities then also you will have to continue your work.. the opportunities may come in the way.. you never know

It may happen that after a wait you would have got a seat.. and at the same station one old lady get on the bus and you give her your seat willingly.. the same way.. you might have got a place, a thing… after a wait.. if you feel that there’s somebody who need it more than you and you can still wait for it.. you should do the same.. because you are not born to only take away.. you are born to give.

I remember that was a quite nice incident happened one day.. Me and another boy get on the bus same time and there was only one free seat available.. I looked to him and he looked to me.. he promptly asked me to take a seat.. and gently I offered him the seat… the aunty seating near.. suggested.. why don’t you both seat turn by turn for a while…I think.. in life too we can solve our each and every problem only by sharing it with each other and helping and understanding one another is the only key.

Once it happened like two of the passengers were quarreling with each other on some stupid issue.. at the time the conductor came and stopped them..saying “You got to get off the bus..after one station and you sir.. after 3 station..then for this sort time ..why you are quarreling.!!”.. the same applies for the life is too sort why we should spread the hate.. we should not fight.. rather should stay together.

After the above incident I developed one habit.. to give a normal smile to anybody I see in the bus..who ever looked to me… I give him/her a smile… and you know what.. today I have many smiley friends..many smiley uncles and aunties. The same habit we can apply in the life.. and give love and respect to each person around you and that will bring the happiness.

I also thought another thing.. like.. there happens to come so many station in a way.. and people are getting off the bus.. why don’t I get off with them.. sometimes it happens life because of traffic the bus took a long time to reach at my place then also I wait for the my place to come… Why don’t I get off in between.. while in life it happened to me many times like.. as a student I thought to get 90% marks and if I get 70% then also I got happy..If I have decided to buy some specific collection watch.. why I don’t wait till I get that much money and I go to buy some another watch with the half price…Now I have learned to wait.. wait for the Place to come.. and till then keep working to reach there.

You reach at your specific place only because the driver is driving safely on the correct way.. think as if he don’t even know the path then would it have been possible for you to reach to your place..no way..  So in life also need to take care about who is driving you… the friends.. the surrounding you have who are affecting on you..how they are?..are they know the correct path to live the life? Else they will always direct you on the wrong way.

You know what, I get off at my station even still the bus was going far ahead.. the same way.. its you.. who need to decide the station to reach.. because the life’s nature is like water to go on and on.. so be careful while choosing the station to reach and stop else keep travelling in the bus.

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