Saturday, 20 April 2013

Grandpa’s Bell.

This is a story of a family living besides our house. In that family there were a old grandpa and his son and daughter in-law with their little boy.
The grandpa was retired bank officer, people are used to say that they have never seen another man as hard working and as honest as this old buddy. The grandpa has lost his wife a few years ago. He was a kind of holy person whose nature is so kind, I remember he was used to buy candy for all the kids around.

His son, was working as a manager in a Insurance company. He was kind of money oriented and was a little bit show off person. With God’s grace he had almost each of the facilities in his house. The three floored full furnished house, car, money.

His wife was also a high educated modern woman , who love to be as much of social as she can.

The kid, he was totally just like another kids. He loved his grandpa.

Now, the Grandpa is getting older and often fall ill, he was so serious few times. The son and his wife took him to the hospitals and take care of him at home. The friends and relatives often came to their house to know Grandpa’s health.

But, because of regular illness of Grandpa, The man has to take few leaves from his office and he got some notice from his company for being irregular, he was quite upset with that..  was feeling like losing his career. The daughter-in-law was also quite bored and tired, because of the Grandpa’s health he has to cancel or post pond many of her parties and club picnics.

Some day they decided to hire one servant to take care of Grandpa, to make him walk to the bathroom, to change his clothe, to serve him food, to give him medicines.. and they hired one.

It became little easy for the couple now, As he was very loved and respected person in society because of his work and nature, people often come to see him but at the old age the medicine event didn’t work much and his health was getting poor and poor.

As the grandpa’s room was on the ground floor, The couple felt like disturbed and upset by seeing the old man in problem..  They decided to shift him up at the third floor of the house.

After a week the servant whom they hired came to the Man and said “My mother is so ill in the village and I will need to go there, either you give me some leaves or I can resign from the job” and the servant left.

Again the couple had to take care of the Grandpa them self and this time they were just not upset but got angry because one of the person need to seat near by to take care whole day and night.

Next day the woman, came up with an idea to tie a bell in Grandpa’s room and told him that.. whenever you need help.. ring the bell.. so I can be in the drawing room and watch my daily show on TV.

Once when the bell rang, the man went up the third floor and found the bell was rang by the kid and not the grandpa.. he got angry and shouted on him… “This is not to play with.. go to your room”

This worked for a few days. Whenever grandpa need anything he ring the bell, the man or woman go up and help him.

But because of the poor health and the behavior of the son and daughter-in-law the Grandpa couldn’t survive more and he died.

When he died, rather being sad the couple was feeling quite a relief .Their little kid was trying to remove the bell, the father helped him and gave him the bell and say now you can play with it.. the boy replied “No papa, I won’t play with it.. I will save it to use again when you get old.”

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