Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Straight from the heart

This is a story of small village, I forgot the name of the village but I still remember the complete story and I am sure that once you read this, you will also remember it forever...

In the village, there's one old woman. The woman was so much into her God. Whole day she keep praying the God, doing all kind of worship and takes God's name thousand times a day.

From morning to evening she stays in front of God and keep praying, she was good singer and very good cook. The old woman used to sing different prayer songs for her God also she makes new dishes everyday and offers to God.

Everyday she give bath to God, once she offer the food to God only then after she eat. This was her daily routine.

She think,speaks,live for only God. She truly believed in God and God was everything to her.

She had a son and daughter-in-low but unfortunately they both died in their younger age leaving their little daughter alone with grand mother.

Now the old lady and her grand daughter lives together. As usual the old lady is whole day busy in her worship and different offerings to God and she made the little Girl to do all the household works like cleaning and cooking and everything else, If the little girl do any mistakes or if any work is undone then her grand mother was used to scold her sometimes she also gets punished.

The young girl gets tired in the evening from the whole busy day of hard work and goes to sleep early in the evening, this was happening daily in their life.The Girl gets up in the morning start working to get her jobs done and the Old lady keeps herself busy in praying God.

After few days, The Old lady got to visit another village for some religious event but before going she has given strict instructions to the little Girl : "You will have to do all your daily work but before that you will have to do prayer to the God."

She made list of things to do for God like,
Give Bath to God , Then put new clothes and jewelry on God, make food for God and only once you offer the food to God then only you do everything else.

The lady returns to the home in the evening by the time the Little girl went asleep. She checked her God and She found that The God was wearing new cloths and jewelry but the plates in front of God was empty.
She got angry and started shouting on the little girl.

She scold the Girl that "I have instructed you to make food for God and then only you eat, Why you didn't offer food to my God?"

The little Girl was crying, She said I have already made food for the God in the morning.

The old woman was so angry that she slapped the Girl and said "You are lying, I have checked the plates and they are still empty"

Then the Girl replied "I almost get tired everyday after doing all the house works for cleaning,washing,cooking... and that day I got more burden of work to take care of your God, You instructed me to offer food to God and then only you do everything else.. so I made the food and offered him and was standing there and waiting for him to finish it so I can start other work.. but for a long time he didn't pick up a single piece of food.. as I was getting late to do my work.. "

She continues to say "I got angry and I shouted on him.. Come on,eat your food..I have many more things to do.. If you are not hungry you should have told me before.. now do eat it all or I will never give you food again.. and soon the God started eating the food and finished all of it"