Thursday, 24 October 2013

These are my golden day in fact these were my golden days... my college life. The happiest,the craziest,the superb days of life but now they are about leave me. I am just about to complete my masters degree and will be introduced to this professional IT field after 6 years of college life.

There were times when I was been introduced as king of my own kingdom but now I have stepped into the real world were I have no identity no reputation only some dreams and lot of hard work to do.

The first challenge of this new life is get started off with an excellent opportunity to prove my skills and this is my first experience. I have been never felt so dependent and so tied ever before.

I kept the faith in me and my God, I have been successful to get a good start but this song was written in the days of my little struggle. I hope this will touch your own story of daily life..

 All Allong

All Along... All Along...
My day has been so long,
I been waiting for the night
All Along... All Along...

The day has shown me,
Thousand faces of life...
Down under and On top of the sky

A little Crazy
A little Daizy

I has been so hot in the mid of day,
I been waiting for these cold breeze
All Along... All Along...

Failed manier times,
Lost some of the dreams..
But in the end hardwork only wins

My heart Sings
Wish I had Wings

Looking at beautiful eve,
Learnt way to live & felt all is well
All Along... All Along...